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Making personal changes can be difficult. Weight Loss, smoking cessation, increasing activity, walking are all known to be beneficial for both our physical and mental health. The benefits of eating healthy food and avoiding unhealthy or toxic substances are clear. What is somewhat confusing for many of us, is how we implement change. How can transition from less active to more active, unhealthy to healthy weight, eliminate negative patterns and behaviors? How do we achieve these changes when we may be feeling fatigued or experiencing low self-esteem? Or when the thought of putting on exercise clothes is simply too intimidating? 

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After recognizing where we are in this process, we then can explore current health and wellness baselines. We would also be wise to review our health history, determine any potential health concerns or considerations. From there, we begin our journey!


One-Time Initial 30 Minute Strategic Call

This one-time health and wellness strategic call is to help you design a “Wellness Map”. You will receive a complete map outlining evidence-based techniques that you can utilize to enhance your health and wellness. This will also include one 15-minute follow-up call, if requested by client. Cost for this service is $125.00. 

Advance Health and Wellness Consultation

This plan is for 3 months. It includes two, 40 minutes coaching sessions per month with your personal health and wellness coach. Sessions can be conducted via phone or via videoconference. Also included is follow-up sessions summaries and email support between sessions. Detailed evidence-based clinical research will be provided to support your health concerns and goals. Complimentary access to: Virtual Exercise Training and Comprehensive Medication Management. Cost for this service is $75.00 per month.


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